Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dr. Wicked's Write or Die


Cool, huh? That means I could write my daily words in an hour, and yet I sit for many hours with my laptop in my lap. Well, we'll just call it research.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Blue Man Group, Homeschool update

We took the oldest two to Blue Man Group last Saturday as a birthday present for the oldest (who turned nine). The oldest adored it, and the six year-old wasn't so sure. There is some reading in the show, so I think it's better to take a child who can read.

Parker got books for his birthday, and managed to polish off 345 pages (The Lightning Thief) in three days. We were impressed. I found it hard to justify interrupting that with, say, a review of the seven times tables.

I've backed off academics a little. Life is much more fun this way, for everyone. That's no surprise to the unschoolers. Rethinking my materials is a lot of work, and its Novel Writing Month. And next month is the holidays. So our current priorities are having fun, novel writing, and preparing items to sell at our homeschool fair in December. After that, Christmas becomes a priority, starting with presents that need to be shipped. Then we'll see where we are. I think I'll stick with AO3 for the oldest (my loose version of it). I can see digressing lots for my first grader. Life is so much more pleasant when I'm not forcing the learning on him. Really -- a lot. You can't imagine.