Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tweet log

  1. 2 friends visiting today, but 5 boys is not enough-we just added a 6th for the evening. So far conflicts have been small and self-resolved.
  2. Spent all day typing about handwriting: and
  3. After creating a plan that has us seeing everything in the UK south of York, I've settled on three destinations. We'll take day trips.
  4. The boys have built a castle, following the directions in Macaulay's book.
  5. Just booked a trip for five to Great Britain. Woo hoo!
  6. Where should I look for ideas for traveling with 3 boys in England and Wales?

  7. I'm late to the Not Back-To-School party: from a fab Mom's weekend away in Boothbay. Yesterday we watched moonrise over the Atlantic (sublime) and played Spoons (ridiculous).

  8. Ds2&3 noted the resemblance of Dvorak's New World Symphony to the SW score. Music unit study? it: :58 and 7:30

  9. I'm painting outside trim (White Dove). Dh got ahead of me yesterday with the stain (Spruce Blue), and now I have to catch up.My oldest did paid chores all weekend 2 earn enough 4 the new HP game (4 PC), & they R now all 3 entranced by it. Patient w/ #3's playin, 2.

  10. I've seen a fox and a hummingbird in our suburban back yard today.Kids were inspired to make their own version of Mythmatical. Greek gods for oldest, and Norse for middle, and no silly math.

  11. Interesting article about year round school with enrichment intersessions in the WashPo: from our first camping trip. Beautiful site (Tully Lake). Canoed, ate, hiked, and listened to the rain all night.

  12. Planted a variegated dogwood with my dogs ashes.New blog post on students' response to failure.

  13. My 9 yo wants to create a website and use miniclip games on it. Anyone have a recommendation of how to get started?Planted: tomatoes in containers, squash (no zucchini available), nasturtium, peas, cukes, parsley, cilantro.

  14. I have a new blog post on getting sucked in to homework mother is having a hip replaced in 2 hours, and I'm flying to VA tomorrow. ??Go to the homeschool fair today to see what local hsers do?

  15. Planning more work for the boys during their week with Grandma than normal. Might keep them away from the screens.Had a tough trip to Staples yesterday - forgot my wallet. Leaving, my 5yo said, they should have a button that says "That wasn't easy!"
  16. from web
    Oldest now obsessed with building a cardboard and duct tape boat. Currently, it's 30 F and due to get colder.I have a post in the Carnival of Homeschooling Here's the post:
  17. Just did a serendipitous bridge unit based on Read Javier Builds a Bridge.
  18. How the heck do I get my Verizon FIOS messages that people leave when I don't answer call waiting?
  19. I'm about to try the crazy honey/onion cough remedy.
  20. I have blog posts on the ice storm and on our homeschool fair uphttp://www.everydaybest.blo....
  21. I won #nanowrimo!

  22. I'm going to try Write or Die to get my #nanowrimo word count done for the day.