Sunday, April 22, 2007

Homemaker Blues

With a milestone birthday just past I find myself falling prey to the Homemaker Blues. I have been fortunate in my life to be thought mildly exceptional-- bright, talented, going places. I've done a few interesting things, and gone to two top colleges/universities. Now, however, I find myself living a remarkably ordinary life. Quite privileged, but ordinary nonetheless. I even felt that being a mother of young children was quite a special calling. But now my youngest is three and nearly potty trained I no longer feel that I can claim that. So I see two paths -- be content with ordinary, or become exceptional again. This simple conclusion came to me in church today (or perhaps came to me again -- it feels familiar, and certainly not original). My thoughts in the last few months have tended to the exceptional path, but I think being content with an ordinary life is the quicker path to contentment.

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eons said...

I wonder where you are at now 4 years on? I just googled 'homemaker blues' and found your blog. I identify with your post. Thank you.