Friday, September 19, 2008

My new Canon SX110

Here are some pictures I took on the first day with my new Canon SX110.

My hard to photograph black dog:

Here are some thoughts about my new Canon SX110.

I'm noticing some tendency toward yellowness, even when using the Tungsten setting inside. I'm quite disturbed by it's inability to focus at close distances. I called support, and was told that I cannot zoom and use the macro setting, however, even with that information I'm having trouble with close-up shots. I had to figure out that the macro button doesn't necessarily turn on the macro setting -- it offers choices, and I have to make sure to choose the Macro icon.

The speed between shots without the flash is fine for my uses, I think -- I'll give it more of a workout tomorrow at soccer.

First, with the flash:

The rest are without the flash.

A macro shot:

Update: The soccer pictures came out well. Out of about thirty, only one was out of focus, and I only missed a couple of shots that I wanted because off the speed (or lack thereof) of the camera. The movie quality is a bit noisy (visually), but fine, I think for us. I do realize that if I want good movies I should buy a movie camera. A viewfinder would be nice, but in general, I'm happy with this camera.

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